Honda Dealer Serving Gulfport

At Vardaman Honda, we are a high-quality Honda dealer that proudly serves the Gulfport area. Our success depends on how you, as a customer, enjoy your experience. We focus on more than just selling you a vehicle, because our dealership is an invaluable resource the entire life of your Honda. Ultimately, we want to be a place you look forward to visiting, because you feel valued and respected.

Of course, we have the entire current lineup of new Honda vehicles. Visit us to see the latest cars, trucks and SUVs in a single spot. Our selection includes the efficient and comfortable Honda Accord, the family-friendly Honda Pilot, the ruggedly dependable Honda Ridgeline and more.

Our sales associates are always on hand to help. They can help track down the right vehicle for you, plus make sense of the different options. Because of their experience, they even can demonstrate the different advanced technologies included on the vehicles, so you feel confident in making a purchasing decision.

We offer financing options, thanks to connections our finance team has with plenty of lenders. Our resources mean we can help people in a variety of situations, including people who have challenging credit. There's no need to feel ashamed, because our goal isn't to judge, but to help you find solutions.

Hondas are great vehicles, but they do need regular maintenance to avoid big problems later. Our onsite service department can help remind you when recommended items should be addressed, such as oil changes and tire rotations. Because our technicians receive their training from the factory, they do everything by the book, enabling them to often catch problems early on, when they're small and easily managed. We can also take on big repairs, restoring your Honda to its original shape.

Contact us today to set up an appointment, no matter what you need.