Brake Faqs

Brake Faqs
An important piece that helps keeps you safe when driving your vehicle are your brakes. So it is important that they stay in good condition to continue performing at their designed specifics. If you think it’s time to have your brakes checked, schedule service with Vardaman Honda today!

How do brakes work?

When you press your brake pedal you are engaging multiple parts that make up the brake system. The pressure from the brake pedal compresses the brake fluid, which then press the calipers. This then presses the brake pads onto the rotors, and it this contact that creates the friction needed to either slow the vehicle down or bring it to a stop.

How often should my brakes be inspected?

The general rule of thumb is to have your brakes checked on a yearly basis, but at Vardaman Honda we recommend a routine maintenance for wear and tear, each time you’re in for service. Such as your oil change!

How will I know when my brakes need changed?

Two tell-tales signed that it’s time to have your brakes changes are follow: First if the pressure of your brake pedal begins to feel soft (more pressure is needed to bring the vehicle to a stop) and secondly is if you start to hear your brakes making noises. Noises such as a grind, squeak, or chirp when bringing the vehicle to a stop.

If you have more questions about your brakes, contact our service team at Vardaman Honda today and we’ll answer all of them.