Why Buy Used

If you find yourself in that time when you’re in need of a new car, you may want to consider looking at the used car market. Searching for a new car is not only a process of finding a car that will fit your needs (and wants), but it also must fit into your budget as well. The used car market of today isn’t like the used car market of your dad’s generation with used cars being a more viable option than ever before.

When you purchase a new car you’re driving off the lot with that new car smell and an odometer that reads less than 20 miles, but these luxuries come at a price. After the first year of ownership of a new car, it will on average lose close to 30% of its sale value. Whereas the same vehicle that is a year or few older with the same features can be found at a price much more in your budget.

The advancement of technology is evident when you sit behind the wheel of a newer car, what might not be evident is the technology that you don’t see in cars today. Technology advancements have allowed us to make vehicles with better quality materials, stronger materials, made with more efficiency, and with more precision. With these advancements the vehicles of today are well-built machines, that if properly maintained can be expected to have a long life.

The best thing about the used car market, is the seemingly endless list of possibilities of vehicles to choose from. With vehicles across all makes and models as well as across many model years, you’ll have a larger selection of vehicles in finding that perfect fit.

So if you are in the market for a new car, come to Pine Belt Honda and check out our ‘new to you’ selection of cars to find the perfect one for you. Contact us with any and all questions, and we’ll gladly help you!