Car Maintenance Tips to Get your Car Ready for Fall

April 5th, 2021 by

The weather gets cooler and the leaves start changing colors. It’s time to get ready for a change of seasons at home as fall sets in. But just as important as your yard cleanup, your Honda requires fall car maintenance to keep it in shape not just for in the late season, but year-round.

Wondering what to do to make sure your Honda CR-V, Civic, Accord, or Odyssey is ready for autumn? Here are five car care tips for fall, courtesy of Vardaman Honda in Hattiesburg, MS.

Fall Car Care Tips

Change the Engine Oil

Fall is a good time to make sure your engine oil is fresh and clean. Engine oil has several duties that include preventing corrosion inside the engine, washing sludge deposits away, reducing friction, wicking away heat, and providing a barrier between moving metal parts. If the engine oil in your Honda is dirty or has high moisture levels, it reduces its effectiveness. Have your engine oil changed in the fall to keep your engine running strong.

Have Your Tires Inspected

Fortunately, Mississippi doesn’t see much snow. However, temperatures can dip close or below freezing for several weeks. Your tires need to be in good shape with plenty of treadwear remaining to help you get the traction you require. Have your tires inspected for tread and inflate your tires to the proper pressure to ensure you have the best handling possible.

Test the Battery

Summer weather is harsh on car batteries, and that shows itself when the weather gets cold. A normal car battery lasts between three and five years, but it should be tested at least once a year to make sure it holds a charge properly. Get the service department to perform a battery test in the fall and replace it if necessary to prevent frustrating breakdowns in cold weather.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

While it might not snow much, it certainly rains in these parts during winter months. If your windshield wipers can’t keep your vision clear through the glass, it could be time to replace your wiper blades. Streaks on the windshield, rubber tag ends hanging loose, or chattering on the glass are signs you should get new wiper blades installed. Plus, most windshield wiper blades need to be replaced annually, or sooner.

Check the Air Conditioning System

Getting the air conditioning checked for fall and winter weather sounds strange but it’s important. The A/C system is included in general car maintenance because it affects your window defroster. If the A/C isn’t working properly, moisture can fog up the inside of the windows, making it difficult to see anything around the car.

Luckily, your fall car maintenance doesn’t have to be a time-consuming thing. Let one of the factory-trained and certified Honda technicians at Vardaman Honda take care of your car maintenance. Front to back and in any season, Vardaman Honda’s service team will ensure your vehicle is safe to drive and well maintained to keep you going through the fall and winter. So, don’t wait call us today to schedule your Fall car maintenance today!

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